Samar Badawi out on bail

SamarWe have heard that Samar has been released on bail a few hours ago.

We are awaiting further info about why/ if she was taken straight to prison following her arrest. It is obvious that her international reputation and public visibility will have worked in her favour – perhaps after some reflection by the Saudi authorities.

Her arrest led to stories making it across the world through the media and social media. Thanks are due to everyone who helped achieve this – by their tweeting and other social media activity as well as those journalists who got stories out.

From what we understand the charges against her relate to her alleged use of social media and a photograph that made it onto Twitter of imprisoned lawyer Waleed AbulKhair.

A petition was started  calling for her release and the dropping of charges we hope as many people will sign as possible until the charges are dropped. The petition can be opened from this link.

No democrat, no free speech or human rights activist is safe in Saudi Arabia. Our campaign has to continue not only for Samar but all other victims of Saudi Arabia’s refusal to recognise human rights.


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