‘We are Raif: for free speech and human rights in Saudi Arabia’ is a coalition of organisations. Our initial sponsors are:

But we welcome support from all campaigns and individuals that support our Aims and Proposals. Details of how to contact us are on our Contact page.

Our campaign came out of our work together in raising the profile of victims of Saudi injustice – such as the blogger Raif Badawi and his lawyer Waleed AbulKhair. Raif is already and deserves to remain a symbol of freedom and we use his name in respect of that. However our activity and statements are independent of Raif and his family. Anything we say does not necessarily have the support of Raif or his family although we will continue to work as closely as we can with them to #FreeRaif and #FreeWaleed

We will be deciding our campaign structure at a meeting in a few weeks time. Our campaign has a large and long-term aim – we expect to and need to be active for a considerable time. We hope to have bank accounts details sorted soon but offers of financial support would be very welcome.