Aims and demands

Our aims

We campaign:

  1. for the release of Raif Badawi and Waleed Abulkhair
  2. for the release of all those detained in Saudi Arabia in violation of their right to freedom of expression
  3. for Saudi Arabia to end human rights abuses domestically and its complicity with human rights abuses in the region
  4. for democratic rights in Saudi Arabia as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (

We support these rights being fought for and protected elsewhere and will work with other campaigns focussing on the achievement of these liberties in other countries when appropriate. We will also work with other campaigns that focus on particular human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia when appropriate.

Our demands

  1. We call on the UK government:
    a) To pressure the Saudi government to release political prisoners and end human rights abuses and to do so openly;
    b) To end the sales of UK arms and military equipment, including military support packages, to Saudi Arabia.
  2. We call for an end to any business relations with the Saudi regime that serve to legitimise the Saudi authorities and the repression of freedom of expression in the country
  3. We call on businesses that trade with Saudi Arabia to review Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines and to ensure that they are compliant with human rights.